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"Amazingly good. Such a distinct voice and writing style, and arranged so perfectly.”  - Michael McCall  (Associated Press)

A Sleeping Giant” - Huffington Post

"Sweet harmonies, delicate melodies, a warm intimate feel, everything judged to exquisite perfection; this is one of those rare albums where not a foot is put wrong."  - Maverick 

"Lithe, fanciful and obviously inspired"  - Blurt

TERRIFIC” - Fuel Friends

Exquisite” - Twangville

Mercy is a gorgeous, harmony-drenched track that...ended up perfect."  - American Songwriter

Sparkling and intimate”  -

"The album breathes with an openness and subtlety that nicely compliment the disc’s boldly personal themes."  - UTNE Reader

"One of the best albums I’ve heard this year"  - St Cloud Times

"This is a STUNNING record."   - Courtney Gregg  (Carnival Music)

It sounds and feels great. Don't Settle is wonderful.”  - Dan Wilson  (Adele, Dixie Chicks)

"He has such a warm voice, it really draws me in. I like it very much."  - Peter Jesperson  (New West Records)

"Sneaking up as an Album of the Year. Subtle shifting melodies.. winsome voice and soul deep poetry… Beautiful!"  - Steve Stockman  (BBC Radio / Author of Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2)  

"Immediately appealing. Ethereal and compelling. I recommend wholeheartedly."  - Lonesome Highway    

"Like an extended meditation, the emotional core of this album just keeps taking you deeper, without extraneous, or unnecessary variation. It is, at its best, profoundly moving." - Minor 7th

"The album sounds terrific: sweet melodies, honeyed harmonies, understated but infectious."  - Tim Gihring  (Minnesota Monthly)

An elegant album”  - Direct Current Music

An excellent album”  - Higher Plain Music

“Kyle has said he wants to write songs that are beautiful. Judging by the [new album] he is succeeding.”   - Twin Cities Daily Planet

 - iTunes Average Rating



Ben Kyle